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House Cleaning Prices & Tips

Home cleaning rates are something that can leave a lot of room for "interpretation" by some house cleaning companies. Charges that you might not even have realized would be applied hit your bill when the service is done. It is always a good idea to make sure you get the final out the door price from a home cleaning company and make yourself aware of any possible fees that could be added onto your bill before you hire them.

As with almost any home service, house cleaning prices will vary significantly based on several factors. These factors include but are not limited to:

  • House Size (Also Number of Rooms)
  • Frequency of Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning Required (Common for the first time)
  • Quantity of People Living in the Home
  • Floor Types (Carpets vs Wood vs Tile, etc.)

Home Cleaning Rates

Based on some of the above factors, we have a general set of home cleaning prices you can go off of. Again, these are just meant to guide you and give you some point of comparison. Actual rates will vary based on the criteria above.

House SizeWeekly Cleaning2 Week CleaningMonthly CleaningDeep Cleaning
One Bed, One Bath $60-$70 $70-$80 $80+ $100-$125
Two Beds, One Bath $65-$75 $75-$85 $85+ $115-$135
Two Beds, Two Baths $70-$80 $80-$90 $90+ $125-$145
Three Beds, Two Baths $75-$85 $85-$95 $95+ $135-$155
Four Beds, Two Baths $95-$105 $105-$115 $115+ $145-$165
Four Beds, Three Baths $100-$110 $110-$120 $120+ $155-$175
Four Beds, Four Baths $105-$115 $115-$125 $125+ $165-$185